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Oh, hi! My name is Lukas Fritsch and I'm currently turning my hobby of creating magic on computers and all kind of media into profession. I love making games!

About Me

I'm Lukas from Hamburg and I'm 26 years old.
Since I was a little kid, I was amazed by movies and videogames. Playing LucasArts Adventures like “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” with my parents in front of family-computer had a big impact on my whole life and boosted my creativity. Making movies and games as a hobby helped me to gain experience in all important production steps, from pre- to postproduction. Right now I’m studying “Multimedia Production” in Kiel, Germany, which helps me to lift my multimedia skills to a new level. I hope that I get to work in the games industry afterwards, until then I am gathering experience through as many gamejams and personal projects as possible.

For detailed information about me, please visit my Xing profile: Lukas Fritsch


Here are some samples from my recent works.


Many of the games I made so far have been made with my buddy Lars.
We call us “Lenuke” and we are aiming to make the best games ever made!


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Contact Me

If you want you can contact me via twitter or write an email to: "".

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